The world celebrates!

That’s right folks, our long national nightmare wait is over!  Fighting over the Founders is officially released and available today, January 26, 2015.

My advice is to get one in ebook form (to have on your device of choice, wherever you are), and two in hard copy (one to read, underline, dogear, and cherish, the other for archival purposes).  Then buy a dozen more to distribute to friends.  Otherwise, how will they know you really love them?

Where can you purchase this revelatory, provocative, brilliant, poignant, life-changing tome, you ask?  Anywhere you want to, including NYU Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, Google Play, or an independent bookstore near you.

2 comments on “Heaven rejoices, angels dance, sunshine everywhere: Fighting over the Founders officially released today!

  1. Melody Herr

    Congratulations, Andy! I’ve been waiting for this book ever since we first discussed your ideas.

    1. Andy Post author

      Thanks! It’s been a long time comin’. I’m still waiting for the surely inevitable bidding war for the movie rights.

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