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Kavanaugh’s real “originalism” revealed

Brett Kavanaugh's anger exposed a frightful irony of his jurisprudence: it's his rage, not his interpretation of the Constitution, that makes him an "originalist."
By : Andy | Oct 4, 2018

Super Bowl LII American Revolution Commercial Roundup: Does any January ad count?

This is the fourth time I’ve done the Super Bowl revolution round-up (note: these go off YouTube pretty quickly; my apologies for the broken links). And for the first time, there’s not
By : Andy | Feb 4, 2018

There can be only one? American Revolution Super Bowl 51 Commercial Round-up

It’s the post we’ve all been waiting for: our third annual Super Bowl commercial roundup. There’s only one commercial this year, and an interesting one at that. Is this a sign of
By : Andy | Feb 5, 2017

On the vote

There are many ways that Americans are choosing to resist the potential excesses and dangers of the impending Trump regime, among them organizing protests, trying to hold our current officials accountable, contributing
By : Andy | Nov 30, 2016

On why we cannot trust institutional restraints

In previous posts, I’ve argued that Donald Trump cannot be trusted. Now let’s turn to the other straw at which optimists have been grasping, that institutions and professional hands will ensure that the
By : Andy | Nov 16, 2016

Trump’s dangerous impulses

In my previous post, I argued that we should not be lulled by false hopes based upon the pivot from candidate Trump to president Trump. But, one might say, maybe Trump’s 40-year
By : Andy | Nov 14, 2016
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