Notable Non-concession Concessions You May Have Missed

“The president also vowed to continue his push to overturn the results, adding, ‘Our case STRONGLY continues, we will keep up the good … fight, and I believe we will prevail!’ A senior Trump campaign adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to be candid, said Monday night: ‘He basically just conceded. That’s as […]

Covid-19 Summer Tourism Incentives You Can’t Afford to Miss

“Travelers eager to take advantage of easing travel restrictions will have help this summer in the form of incentives and assurances from destinations around the world hoping to jump-start their tourist-reliant economies.” Washington Post, May 29. A Quick Getaway The friendly Jalisca family invites you to indulge yourself with a two-day, one-night vacation at our […]

A Brief History of Non-Fatal Earth-Human Epidemics, as Identified Through Intergalactic Google Translate, Beta-version

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics from the reign of human Pharaoh Nutteninkomen VI indicate an outbreak in the royal family of behaviors precisely like earth-house-cats, which this civilization worshipped. Manifestations included extended daytime napping, playing with balls of wound fibers, and showing total indifference to their servants. Accounts were thought to be apocryphal, although scans of mummified […]

These horses don’t feed themselves, you know

Running a government, especially during a time of revolution, is a pretty complicated set of tasks. Among the obvious are motivating people, moving them in the same direction, keeping tabs on the opponent, sometimes organizing and supplying a military, and so on. Plus, feeding traitors’ livestock. Wait, really?

An Inspirational Surprise in the Archive

Cross-posted at History @ BGSU This January, I had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Washington, DC. While there I conducted research in the Library of Congress. But something in a quite different kind of archive, that I just happened upon, had a larger effect on me than anything I’d intentionally come to see.