Shout-out for Reclaim Hosting

Ideally, blogging is just about the content, but the content doesn’t happen without the backend, and that doesn’t mean a thing, either, if your server’s down. Reclaim Hosting is a hosting service built by and for academics, and wow is the service great. I was experiencing serious downtime and slow response time from my previous hosting/domain registration […]

Hamilton and me, in the (New York Daily) news

Yes, today’s the birthday of little Al Hamilton, the “$10 founding father without a father” (I think that’s gonna stick).  Anyway, here’s what I had to say about it, at the necessary length of 650 words.  Enjoy.  Thanks to Josh Greenman, for asking me and for his excellent editorial work.

Talking (tomorrow!) at Perrysburg League of Women Voters

You want a piece of me?  Tomorrow (12/10) I’ll be talking some Fighting over the Founders at the Holiday Luncheon meeting of the Perrysburg, Ohio League of Women Voters. Great organization, important work, nice people.