Another victory for education unionization: Adjuncts make deal with Kaplan

As reported in today’s, the for-profit firm Kaplan, Inc. has just inked a collective bargaining agreement with 65 English-as-a-second-language (ESOL) part-time instructors in New York City.  This is on the heels of several other recent adjunct collective bargaining victories over the past months. Of course, there’s lots of work to do, and this particular […]

Required watching: MICA adjuncts speak about the benefits of unionization

Adjuncts at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) are voting now on unionization.  Here are three of them speaking about the benefits of unionization, as well as, from their perspectives, the difference between being part-time, contingent faculty and tenure-track faculty. For a more detailed discussion of some of the particulars, see the interview (scroll down that page […]

Big win for unionizing adjuncts in DC! Applicability to other areas? Too early to tell

Adjunct organization is on the move.  As noted in the Chronicle, adjuncts are now very close to becoming organized city-wide in Washington, DC.  Georgetown, American, and George Washington are already signed on, and Howard will be joining soon.  This will give much greater leverage to adjuncts in their relationship with universities there, and it already […]

Broward College adjunct says: $16k a year does not a “valued colleague” make

As Evan Rowe reports, he and his fellow adjuncts are working to unionize at Broward College (it’s the community college of Broward County, FL, which includes Fort Lauderdale).  Rowe is one of the BC army of adjuncts making $16k a year, usually teaching only one class fewer than tenure-track professors who make several times as […]