At long last, public-college faculty say: Take that, inflation!

As reported in the Chronicle, faculty salaries at public institutions increased at a higher rate than inflation this past year — for the first time in six years (and yes, friends, please note that the legend of the chart in the article mis-labels “public” and “private”). So if someone tells you that faculty are responsible […]

You could look it up: lower state funding for higher ed, higher costs for poor students

Don’t just take my word for it.  Two new online calculators show a) how state support of higher education as a proportion of universities’ budgets has plummeted, and b) how recent policies at the federal, state, and institutional level have combined to increase poor students’ costs in relative and even absolute terms compared to rich […]

Privatization: Not “cutting costs,” merely externalizing them

One of the continuing myths of the privatization craze in higher education is that outsourcing functions results in lower costs.  Here’s BGSU my august university’s president on the recent deal to privatize flight instruction, as reported in the Sentinel-Tribune: President Mary Ellen Mazey told the trustees that this is the kind of collaboration with outside […]