Survey says! …what you’re making compared to others in academia

The AAUP’s annual salary report out (and, sadly, it is aptly titled, Losing Focus) . I’ll be going through some of the particulars in upcoming posts. In the meantime, if you want to see how you’re doing, you can check out the interactive, by institution salary survey at the Chronicle.

The real March Madness: BG-SU cuts faculty, amazingly still has $2 mill for new hoops coach

Just this past week, faculty at BGSU my fine university were given pink slips.  Not for poor performance; it’s part of Mary Ellen Mazey our august university president’s campaign to cut full-time faculty.  Last year, 72 faculty; this year, another 30.  Why?  The usual jumble of explanations that administrations give, sometimes based upon enrollment, other times […]

You could look it up: lower state funding for higher ed, higher costs for poor students

Don’t just take my word for it.  Two new online calculators show a) how state support of higher education as a proportion of universities’ budgets has plummeted, and b) how recent policies at the federal, state, and institutional level have combined to increase poor students’ costs in relative and even absolute terms compared to rich […]

Kasich to faculty: Be Nigel Tufnel

Imagine a governor proposing that all firefighters, or all police, or all [insert favorite public employment here] work 10% more, for no additional compensation.  Most people, I hope, would think such unilateral increase of work for no pay un-American, a breaking of a contract between employers and employees.  But yesterday, John Kasich our darling governor […]