Best Super Bowl Commercial: American Revolution Turbotax, of course

 Tonight’s American Revolution surprise: a witty Turbotax commercial , complete with background music from a fellow whose name I once heard historian John Morton Blum pronounce in a lecture as “Bobby Die-lin” (I don’t think Blum was a big fan). Sure, what the colonists were protesting was lower taxes, more stringently enforced, but hey, it was a […]

Review round-up on AMC American Revolution spy series “Turn”

Early reviews are in on Turn, the new AMC series based upon Alexander Rose’s book Washington’s Spies. Media critics: Marlow Stern at The Daily Beast Piya SinhaRoy from Reuters Willa Paskin on Slate   Historians: J.L. Bell at Den of Geek Michael Schellhammer at Journal of the American Revolution And, take a look at this: […]