In this article on Vitae, Karen Kelsky encourages academic job applicants to apply for a job a second time if there’s no hire the first time, but with a caveat: only if you’ve got six new things on your C.V. or have some new angle.  It’s great advice, or at least, was in my case, as I got my job here at BGSU in a second search, after the first one crashed.  But you don’t always need a new image and cv.  In my case, the year did make me a different candidate, with a finished dissertation.  But I also know other cases in which the first group flamed out (wasn’t liked, asked for too much, whatever) and the committee went down the list.  Interesting: it’s pretty unusual for faculty searches to crash these days, because of the fear that they wouldn’t be reauthorized.  Administrative and coaching jobs, well, those keep on going for how many searches it takes, come hell or high water.

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