A video, in honor of More or less bunk, where Jonathan Rees has been chronicling Colorado State-Pueblo president Leslie Di Mare’s unilateral move to up faculty teaching loads from 3-3 to 4-4, as announced in this letter.  As Historiann has noted, Di Mare’s letter is all passive: rather than Di Mare taking responsibility for the change, she’s shifting onto hapless chairs and directors to enforce, while taking none of the responsibility.  Just like BGSU’s Mary Ellen Mazey my august university president, Di Mare is quick for everyone else to sacrifice, while accepting no accountability.  This is part-and-parcel of the corporatization of today’s universities: leadership enjoys increasingly high compensation, but blames workers for leadership’s failures, and increases workload and productivity without increasing compensation.  In these ways, universities are just a microcosm for the US economy as a whole.  But don’t blame poor university presidents: after all, it’s just the weather, isn’t it?

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