Next step, Obama in breeches? Organizing for Action uses Gadsden flag

OFA Gadsden-flag-inspired bumper sticker

Organizing for Action, the political organization descended from Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign, is now giving out bumper stickers inspired by the Gadsden flag that tea partiers have loved so much.  What’s interesting to me is how stylized this flag is.  I think the stethoscope is clear, but the graphic and caption on it wouldn’t make much sense unless we assume that the vast majority of the people who see this sticker would be familiar both with the original flag and with tea partiers’ use of it.  Here’s yet another case of how memories can be re-appropriated (perhaps re-reappropriated?).  It will be interesting to see whether there’s the same kind of controversy after this as there was after Kanye West wore a confederate flag last fall.  My guess is not, although there may be some of the same racial dynamics: an African-American male taking a symbol generally used by conservative euro-Americans, and using it to sell something that many of them don’t like (in this case, Obamacare, in West’s case, himself).

Oh, if you’re interested in getting one of these, click here.

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