New design for the Museum of the American Revolution

When we last visited the saga of the Museum of the American Revolution, Philadelphia’s Art Commission had nixed its proposed design.  Architect Robert A. Stern went back to the drawing board (do architects even use drawing boards anymore? Maybe back to Autodesk?).   He’s chopped off the ersatz cupola, made the entrance a little less forbidding, and made some other small changes.  Now the Philly Art Commission is on board.  I think on the whole it’s better than before, although not everyone is pleased.

Old design for the Museum of the American Revolution

At least a small sample of Philadelphians aren’t as excited: here’s the latest poll about the design on Curbed, a Philly community news website:

Hot: 21.2%.  Not: 78.9%
Museum of the American Revolution: Hot or Not?

Whatcha thinkin'?

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