University of Texas A.D. baffled: what could players possibly want?

From the Department of Willful Truth Avoidance:

University of Texas athletic director Steve Patterson professes wonderment that college athletes could possibly want anything that universities aren’t already giving them.  It can’t be that the players want anything, so, reasons Patterson, it must all be the fault of the lawyers:

If our athletes get hurt, we pay all their medical bills. If they want to come back and graduate, we pay for them to come back and graduate. We do everything that they say they wanted… the whole thing smells of guys in the legal profession looking for a fee.

Does the University of Texas, or any other university, pay for an athletes athletic-related medical expenses if that athlete is cut from the team, even because of injury?  Does the University of Texas, or any other university, pay more medical costs for athletic-related injuries after a student has graduated or has aged out of athletic eligibility?  Is the University of Texas, or any other university, or the NCAA, actually pro-active in preventing injuries, especially concussions?

This is yet another manifestation of management’s assumption that employees, who of course are happy because managers are so benevolent, must not be smart enough to unionize for themselves, but rather, unionization must, simply must come from outsiders wanting something.

This comes from an athletic director who knows all about employees’ demands being met, or at least, his: he’s raking in $1.4 million a year, with another $200K in possible annual bonuses.  That’s very good money for someone so lacking in compassion or imagination.

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