News Flash #234,234,867: Administrative Bloat Is What Causes Increase in Costs

OK, so maybe this story hasn’t been reported over 200 million times.  But still, in this recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, further evidence that a) most of the increased costs to students in education have come from the combination of increased administrative personnel and salaries and, in the case of public institutions, decreased state funding; and b) that faculty salaries in particular have stagnated over the that time.  Actually it’s even worse for faculty than the reports, because of the increased casualization of the faculty workforce.  When blowhards casual observers of higher education or university corporate hacks upper administrators blame faculty compensation for the ostensible financial woes of higher education, it’s not about the actual finances.  It’s about using this discourse about finances as a bludgeon to extract even more from faculty, with little long-term benefit to institutions and often outright damage to their educational mission and to students.

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